Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Lates Update from Fijitimes Online says as follows:

" A CONSULTANT from India has recommended that all native land in Fiji be dereserved.
The consultant Dr M Krishnamurthi who has been appointed Sugar research Institute of Fiji Board of Director's wrote the report commissioned the by interim Finance and Sugar Minister Mahendra Chaudhry.
It also recommends that 4 hectare farms are uneconomical and that lost of 40 - 400 hectare farms are more viable.
It also recommends that all investments on the farms be carried out by the lessee while the lease periods be at a minimum of 75 years.
Dr Krishnamurthi of Sugarcane Production research and Management Services a company formed in India to fulfill the vacuum in crop production technologies in India and most Asian countries.
Questions have been sent to Mr Chaudhry on the matter of native land derservation."
We are indeed treading on very dangerous ground. MPC said on lasts nights TV interview that landowners and all stakeholders would be consulted on the matter. The ball is quickly shifting courts. How this will all work out will be another matter. What if the landowners disagree? Will they be forced to comply ast the Charter tries to legislate policies concerning the land?
I percieve a very thrilling drama unfolding. The climax is coming up ahead.stay tuned!


the last polar bear said...

Military personnel, be they Navy , Army or Air force , Commissioned Officer or Non Commissioned Officer , must obey orders !
But , the orders , must be Legal Orders . Now the problem is , can a low ranking Soldier or Sailor , really know which order is legal and which isn’t ? If they were to refuse the order , would they lose their job ? In Fiji , under Frank’s Command , they would probably lose their life ! That might explain why the serving soldiers and sailors aren’t refusing to obey orders . The Legally Elected Prime Minister and Cabinet , must be the ones to take the lead and order the arrest of Frank and those in the IG , so that the serving sailors and soldiers know it is a legal order , then they can act against the Commander . The other problem is , most of the honourable Officers , loyal to the Government of the day , the legally elected Government , have all left or resigned or are serving overseas . And , the loyal sailors and soldiers left behind , know that Frank would have them killed if they were to defy him ! They are not stupid , but are more than likely waiting for the citizens of Fiji to resist this coup . That doesn’t seem to be happening , there is however a lot of piss and wind going on , especially on this forum . It’s time for a little action gentlemen , don’t you think ?
I just posted this comment on the Fijity Times

ex Fiji Tourist said...

"The Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption is concerned that some people are impersonating FICAC officers and are demanding people to do certain things.
He said those found doing so will be taken to task."

So impersonating someone is still a crime in Fiji.

Great; now we can see charges laid against those who are impersonating the PM, AG, minister of education, judges, etc.

The whole jaundiced junta should join Actors Equity; they certainly appearing in a very bad B grade movie.

Sibylline Moments said...

totally agre with your comments....too much piss n wind.....less action....problem is will the action ever happen....i'm inclined to think that if they continue long and hard enough....the Fijian will move....in a very terrible manner....oops...