Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Interesting Comment on Solivakasama,

"Edward Herman Says:

The World’s population is 6,602,224,175 (July 2007 est. - the-world-fact book). Fijians number less than half a million at the most (on the entire planet). That approximates to a miniscule fraction of the World’s population – they are an endangered subspecies.
Race is an issue that is a fact of life and cannot be ignored.
Fijians have a right as an endangered people to not feel threatened and to have affirmative policies in place for their survival and betterment (this happens everywhere Maoris, Australian Aborigines, and American Indians). They have been lagging behind for eons, and it has only recently that the new kudos of educated and entrepreneurial ones had success; because they were given the opportunity. They need to help their fellow kind emulate their success. Those that have not been as successful yet, need not be envious of those that had made it, but through hard work and perseverance should reach their goal also. Other races in Fiji need to respect this and nurture this jewel of a race. They are precious and must be protected and supported.
Other races including descendents of Indian Indentured laborers, Melanesians, Polynesians, Europeans/part-Europeans, Chinese etc. who are here by decisions of their ancestors in search of a new home, or brought here by other devious means of their masters, need to feel a sense of identity and belonging and have opportunities available to them so they may also feel equal and accepted. This should not however be at the expense of the Fijians, who by their nature are an accommodating race.
The root of the problem lies in the human race, disastrous characteristics of greed, power, selfishness, jealousy, hatred, envy … an endless list.
Tolerance, understanding, and goodwill are paramount for the different races to live together. First and foremost, the Fijian culture and values must be adopted by all then within it one may practice their own subculture. That’s what gives one the right to call Fiji home.
This change in perception has to come from within not without, and certainly not by force.Anything short of this will see the self destruction of a Nation.
Unfortunately the current administration is widening this divide to the point of no return, yet again by touching another sacred institution of native land, without proper consultations with the owners (who even amongst themselves have many unsettled conflicts).
We must remember “The land has eyes!”"

On an extra note,last nights interview with MPC on TV on the dereservation of Native Land shows that the Illegal Interim Government is treading on very dangerous ground. MPC's attempts to sidestep the issue made him look even more guilty. He made an utter fool of himself. In other words...He lost his cool! Beating around the bush and sidestepping honest, open questions by the TV reporters just makes him look like a criminal. Whatever he wants to do concerning Fijian land, will be to the Fijians, nothing short of a criminal act. He should be prepared to open and honest to the general public about his intentions. he is already implicated as the Minister that evades taxes. THE MAN SHOULD RESIGN!

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