Sunday, February 24, 2008


In todays edition of the Fiji Times we read:

"TUI Ba Ratu Sairusi Nagagavoka says he will not speak against his "beta" Mahendra Chaudhry after The Fiji Times identified the interim Finance Minister as the one accused of not paying his taxes when due.
Ratu Sairusi said he was closely associated to Mr Chaudhry to make a comment.
"He's my beta (son) and I will not comment on it," he said.
Ratu Sairusi was surprised when told of the contents of the articles in The Fiji Times.
"Oh is it him? I can't say anything on that.
"He's my beta and he calls me kaka."
Ratu Sairusi said he would always be grateful to Mr Chaudhry for assisting him whenever he was in need like when the chiefly house in Sorokoba was built with the assistance from foreign aid during Mr Chaudhry's term as Prime Minister.
"He arranged for about $175,000 grant from Taiwan, which was directed towards this house," he said."

Here is a native and a chief at that , that calls, Fiji's Public Enemy No.1 his "son" or "child"

Fiji's Public Enemy No.1 arranged for a substantial grant from Taiwan to assist this native in building his palace in Ba.Not thats it's a bad thing....quite a loving gesture from a conniving, sly fox who found a way to buy the heart of moneyless natives. Come to think of it, i'm needing a house myself....maybe i could go up and ask him to get me another Taiwanese loan to build me my own palace....???!!!

But this love relationship between 'beta' MPC Fiji's Public Enemy No.1 and his blinded by $$$

'kaka' from Ba was not really a love can be likened to a relationship between Count Dracula and his hapless victim. The victim was mersmerised by the Count's handsomeness and suavness......but she didnt count on his blood sucking fangs. By the time she was aware of it, the Count had all his fangs on her throat....sucking out the very life out her .

An excerpt from TardWatch Blog reveals the following,"

I have read some of the vitriol that Chaudhary has spouted off against the Fijians while he was in India. You almost shed a tear reading the stuff that has been passed on to me. It really is sickening and the Vanua is been openly mocked and ridiculed. If I was to distribute it to the villagers, they would break down in tears (yes, even grown men)”.

I hope that "TARDWATCH" will make public on his blog the exact vitriol that Fiji's Public Enemy No.1 MPC spouted off in India against us hapless natives. The venerable chief from Ba should be given a copy of what was said so that he can be aware that he is in love with Fiji's Public Enemy No.1., HATER OF THE NATIVE FIJIAN PEOPLE!


Sibylline Moments said...

i have chosen to forgive this man despite what he is doing to our country!

ex Fiji Tourist said...

It's Time!

It's time that you Fijians got off your backsides and marched for freedom.

Don't expect help from Aust; cardboard Kev is too busy trying to explain his lies.

Start with sly resistance,

Sugar in the petrol tank of military vehicles render them useless.

Of course, letting down tyres of isolated military vehicles is also helpful.

Remember that the green goons are walking around waving rifles at people but when you look closely, there is no bolt and no magazine. The rifle is useless.

Also, a smile from a young lady might just make a green goon wander into your hands.

Go you good things!