Monday, February 25, 2008



These were the Illegal Prime Minister Mahedra Chaudary's words to the Indian Government about Fiji and the Indigenous Fijians:

“The average Indian in Fiji is struggling. Currently we have an administration who is friendly to the Indian populace and will provide them protection. However the indigenous population is very hostile and violence is inevitable. No one can trust the chiefs but to ensure the survival of the Indians, we need all the help
from you.”

and he adds,

"The Fijian is not of the correct frame of mind to run their own affairs. Their immaturity at running a country and business requires a guiding hand in the form of strong leadership such as of the military.”

This is an insult to the indigenous population of this country. The truth has now come out!

What are the indigenous going to do about this? Ex Fiji Tourist and the authors of Solivakasama Blog have suggested that we all rise up and protest peacefully against this regime. I am inclined to believe that this will be the only way that the voice of the indigenous can be heard. Non violence is the key!


Anonymous said...

Just comment on your use of "indegineous"..We have fallen into the trap and have started using indegenous instead of Fijians. They have downgraded the Fijian affairs department to indigenous affairs leave aside"Fijian" so that it can be used by Indians. We must get it back again and if others want to be called Fijians, they need to give up their ID and beconme just that..Fijians.

FijiGirl said...

The Bible says "No man can serve two Masters". Chaudhry cannot serve Fiji because he is too busy serving India, his REAL Master. Completely agree with you that non-violence is the key.
God bless Fiji