Sunday, January 13, 2008

A New Beginning!

Religious pundits have hailed 2008 the Year of a New Beginning! The number 8 signifies this in
Hebrew numerical translations.

In my last post I recounted my dream.....I then spent a month abroad. My spouse and I were horrifed to say the least when we received news that a group of men were taken into custody for an alleged assasination attempt of the PM. All I could say was, well, either there was a genuine
plot to overthrow the regime and just like the post by YELLOW BUCKET said, more than 3/4 of Fiji's population are conspiring to do just only gripe was......."GUYS......IF YOU WERE PLANNING SOMETHING.........YOU WERE TOO SLOW IN EXECUTING IT.! And if you weren't, THEN WOULD ANOTHER GROUP PLEASE STAND UP AND DO SOMETHING BECAUSE THIS COUNTRY IS HEADING FOR A NEW BEGINNING.....AND IT LOOKS TO ME LIKE WE ARE GOING TO HAVE THE BEGINNINGS OF A SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST STATE........!!!!!

I heard through the coconut wireless that a certain Ministry in Government was handed $20.00 telecards for each Department to use in a month.......imagine that! A governement with NO MONEY!

Then not too long ago I heard from a very reliable source that a certain section of a Department had not received two fortnights pay! WOW......and the negatives are unending.......

Then just a couple of days ago I hear that FNPF is no longer going to assist parents in funding their children's tuition and will only permit the full funding of Form 7 students.......what a tragedy this is.......parents will be affected , students will be affected, Private Schools will be affected.......

The list is endless.........

It has been this way since the coup started. And here we are in our cushy homes and offices blogging's not right. Something must be done.....blogging has served no real purpose for me other than just venting my frustrations......somethings needs to be done.......some things need to be cleaned up.....if we don't stage an uprising this year.......Fiji will become either a communist state or an Islamic state.....this is not what anyone of us want.......

It's time something was done!


Fiji Democracy Now said...

We at Fiji Democracy Now have read you blog with interest and make the
following observation:

Your site poses the question: "What should Christians do when evil governs?"

The answer, we think, is this: "Do everything lawful thing you can to overcome that evil."

We at FDN are a mixed bunch, including Christians. Yet we believe that the greatest evil that has faced Fiji since 5 Dec 2006 is the loss of the right of each and every adult Fiji person to elect his or her own government.

It's called democracy and it is every person's right. But it is a right that is being denied the people of Fiji.

In common parlance, what Bainimarama created 14 months ago is called a military junta. A junta is not democracy.

Despite its promises to the contrary (the March 2009 election promised by
Bainimarama at the Pacific Forum) the junta is clearly intent on holding onto power for as long as possible.

That is evil. No more, no less-the people of Fiji live under an evil regime born of an evil act.

So please, heed us when we say that we understand your frustration and,
please, listen to us when we ask you to deal with your frustrations and keep venting!

It makes sense: the more of us that are out there blogging-from our
respective positions-and the more freedom blogs being read by others, the better.

We encourage you to keep up the good work. Keep blogging!

sibylline moments said...

thanks for your encouragemnet....i was down and depressed the day i penned my thoughts on my blog....

i choose to do the christian thing and choose the path of non violence...i'm a very passionate person by nature....all the hoopla going on in govt just begins to grate on the nerves like fingernails scratching a blackboard...all you want to do is to put a stop to the noise!

I will go back to my original stance of non violence and i will try not to be inciteful....:)