Tuesday, February 12, 2008


In todays edition of the Fiji Times we read,

"EMERGING Indian political parties are likely to take over the Fiji Labour Party's domain in the next election, says former politician and academic Dr Tupeni Baba.
He said the FLP would have no Fijian support at the next polls, given its affiliation with the People's Charter.
His comment follows a statement from outgoing FLP Nadi president Vijay Prasad last week, who sounded the warning for the party.
"Emerging groups apart from the NFP are tipped to win seats that belonged to FLP," Dr Baba said.
He said FLP would pay the price at the polls particularly in winning national and communal seats.
"It's too late for FLP to turn back. The greatest thing the FLP has done is destroy the belief in democracy which the party was regarded for. As a founder of FLP, we knew we stood for democracy."
Dr Baba said FLP's sorry excuse for joining the interim Government "is the end for them".
Several attempts to reach party spokesperson and President Jokapeci Koroi were futile.
Dr Baba said FLP needed to go underground, regroup and find a new leader in the process if the party was to survive.
"They've not revived the economy and ever since the coup, they've been on a witch hunt, pushing Fijians out of office. They'll never be forgotten for that."
Quoting the late Dr Timoci Bavadra, Dr Baba said the party was bigger than any individual. The FLP need to rediscover itself and undergo reform as it has wandered from its original philosophy, he said.
"This is a lesson for them. They showed their hand in the military-backed coup and collusion with the military before the coup is apparent. There is no hope of them restoring the cornerstone of the party under the present leadership."
The cornerstone for the party was democracy, social justice and multiracialism, he said.
"Now they can forget attracting Fijian voters which was one of their aims since Bavadra's time. FLP needs to rediscover its origins. FLP has a chance but only after it replaces its leadership."
Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua party national director Peceli Kinivuwai said Mr Prasad's comments was "nice to come from an Indian".
"Every time we say it, we are accused of racial intent. He (Mr Prasad) was bold enough to point out FLP had trampled on institutions dear to the hearts of indigenous Fijians," Mr Kinivuwai said.
"They come in and take our money. Why don't they leave Fijian institutions which are dear to Fijians? They should just do their business and keep away from Fijian institutions. It's unfortunate that Mahendra Chaudhry cannot see that."
Mr Kinivuwai said Mr Chaudhry should tread with care as Mr Prasad was expressing the views of laymen and people on the ground, the grassroots."
The biggest mistake FLP did was to support the People's Charter. If it ever was to gain Fijian support for the party, it should have stayed away from issues that would touch the Fijian psyche. To many Fijians, their land is their life. You touch their land in any way shape of form is to touch the very heart of the Fijian soul. Next to God, Fijian land is second in line of importance. To some, even more important.
Like Dr. Baba said, "It's too late for FLP to turn back."
They have signed their own DEATH WARRANT!

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